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Congratulations! Your journey with EquiSync® begins now
EquiSync®: Powerful Brainwave Audio For Deep Meditation

Reaching a deep, super-pleasurable, highly beneficial state of meditation is easy with EquiSync's advanced brainwave technology. Just a few of meditation’s limitless benefits:

Transcend the effects of stress
Use your "whole brain:" boost learning ability, memory, & concentration
Feel more happy, confident, inspired, and focused
Reach the highest levels of consciousness
Live more and more of your life in a state of flow
Quiet your mind while increasing thought depth & clarity
Explore and expand your self-awareness: ascend to self-mastery
Fortify your physical health while boosting longevity
Access your vast supply of subconscious mind power
Overcome self-limiting beliefs, habits, phobias, & fears
Improve sleep, effectively reduce insomnia
Move brainwave patterns into the healthiest, most advanced states
Activate your body's highly beneficial "relaxation response"
Enhance your intuition, creativity, and ability to succeed
Achieve the mindset to attract and manifest the life you want
Turn back the clock, boost vitality, feel more energized
Increase emotional resilience, become more psychologically balanced
And much more....

Backed by extensively researched, deeply featured, multilayered brainwave entrainment technology, EquiSync's powerful audio tracks are designed to help you unlock the limitless power of your brain & mind, creating the perfect mental, emotional, and physical environment to realize your highest potential.

EquiSync: Classic vs Deepereum vs Element
Over a decade ago, we released our highly popular brainwave system, EquiSync Classic. Since then, we have upgraded the program continually, ensuring our deep meditation audio technology stays on the cutting edge. The latest version of the program includes 7+ hours worth of highly optimized downloadable MP3 audio tracks (that you own forever). While Deepereum may be the more robust system of the two, many people, especially those new to the technology, prefer the elegant simplicity of EquiSync Classic.
EquiSync Deepereum is the first program on the market that allows you to precisely build, customize, & curate a meditation audio track to your liking. With the program's powerful configuration options (brainwave frequency, entrainment technique, session length, audio quality, soundscape, & more), Deepereum opens the door to thousands upon thousands of potential track combinations. While intermediate to advanced users really love the program, Deepereum is built for everyone.
EquiSync Element is the ultimate meditation tool. With it you can quickly and easily create a multilayered, harmonically resonant meditation soundscape — with the purest frequencies. Built with maximum flexibility in mind, there is no limit to what you can create. While advanced users really love the program, Element's powerful auto-generation tools make the program accessible for everyone. You are encouraged to explore EquiSync Element's never-ending options to discover what works best in your practice.
EquiSync Classic
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EquiSync Element
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