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EquiSync® Design Feature: Advanced Binaural Audio Technology

EquiSync®: Constant innovation. Combined with our own independent testing, we have comprehensively examined hundreds of binaural audio scientific studies to make sure that all of the latest breakthroughs have been incorporated into EquiSync’s carefully engineered, highly precise design.

The highest quality, most advanced mental states are always available to you through EquiSync®. You can learn the basics about binaural audio below:

First discovery. First discovered by Austrian physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in the mid 20th century, the last two decades have seen an amazing amount of scientific interest in therapeutic binaural audio technology - with more than 3,000 studies conducted to date.

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Introduction & Instructions:
We greatly appreciate your interest in EquiSync! Before listening to the free demo, we recommend navigating through the basics here. To start, we have included an introductory track and a basic instruction track. Both are very helpful and highly recommended!
What Is EquiSync?
First and foremost, EquiSync is an audio based meditation program. We have listed & written about 141 benefits of meditation here. All EquiSync programs are designed to carefully ease the listener's brainwaves into a state of deep meditation, opening the door to the ancient mind practice's limitless benefits much faster than the traditional route. You can learn more about the brainwaves of meditation (alpha, theta, & delta), as well as their respective benefits on the charts here. Other helpful links: frequently asked questions page & testimonials page.
Necessary Equipment:
Headphones (or earbuds) must be worn for EquiSync® to work correctly (each ear must perceive different tones for successful brainwave entrainment). Simple / inexpensive headphones are good. If your headphones have a bass boost or noise canceling feature, make sure it's turned OFF.
A Couple Basics To Get Started:
We recommend sitting down with your eyes closed. You don't need to sit in a traditional meditative posture or anything like that. Whatever is comfortable for you. Take a few deep breaths before starting the track. Please allow 8-10 minutes for the EquiSync Demo to begin synchronizing your brainwaves.
Simple Meditation Technique:
A simple yet popular meditation technique is to simply focus on the breath. That is, keeping your attention on the breath as best as you can, for as long as you can. And whenever you notice your mind wandering, with infinite patience and understanding, gently bringing your attention back to the breath. Again and again. This helps to quiet the conscious mind / bring the deep mind to the surface. Want to know more? We have included abbreviated meditation instructions here and in-depth instructions here. The demo instructions track (on this page) also has good info. Already have your own preferred meditation technique? Great! As a program designed to deepen the meditative state, EquiSync works for all meditation techniques.
Order Page & Special Discount:
Ready for the full strength version of EquiSync? The EquiSync order page can be found here. We have included a 20% off coupon code below:
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